Generators: Make Sure Your Business Does Not Suffer During Power Cuts

Generators: Make Sure Your Business Does Not Suffer During Power Cuts

According to research, the number of power cuts in the United States has increased in the last decade. Power cuts lead to downtime which can be catastrophic for businesses.

Downtime leads to several losses since it halts all operations and prevents businesses from achieving their goals.

It is important for businesses to take initiative in order to counter this problem. Generators can help in such cases. Here is a look at some things you might want to know about generators:

Power Capacity

Certain electronic items require more power than others. Therefore, business owners need to take the power requirements of all the electronic equipment that they own into account when they decide to install a generator.

Some of the equipment that the generator can power up includes:

  • Refrigerators
  • Lights
  • Sump pumps
  • Air conditioners

You do not want the generator to stop working due to overload. Therefore, it is best to purchase a generator which has a high power capacity.

What Separates Standby Generators from Backup Generators?

There are two types of generators that business owners can purchase. These include:

  • Backup generators
  • Standby generators

What distinguishes standby generators from other generators is that they need to be installed permanently. These types of generators are powered by natural gas and they are useful for running equipment which has high energy requirements.

Backup generators on the other hand are more common in residential settings. They too run on natural gas but you do not need to install them permanently. Usually homeowners, prefer to keep these generators outside their homes.

One disadvantage of backup generators is that they are quite noisy. You might be able to cut down the noise by reducing the load on the generator, however; there is no way to entirely eliminate it.

Installing The Generator

When installing a generator, it is important to make sure that the cords are not directly connected to the outlet in the wall. This can cause the electricity in your house to run into the power grid.

Instead, connect the generator using a transfer switch. This switch is connected with the main panel and disconnects the grid from your primary power supply. In case of a power cut use this switch to start the generator.

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