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It’s never too early to start decorating your house of office for the best holiday of the year—Christmas! Something about the brightly lit houses, stores churning out batch upon batch of Christmas special edition products, malls playing carols throughout the month just brings to life the excitement of the holiday season!

But while the twinkling lights hanging off the boughs of trees, wrapped upon poles and glimmering in the moonlight from your front porch may look truly magnificent, they don’t come without tons of painstaking effort. Just ask the one climbing ladders and hanging them all up!

From pulling out the tangled mess of lights from the dusty attic and spending hours untangling it, finding the burnt-out bulbs and replacing them and finally to putting up the lights themselves, the effort can take the fun out of the holiday! And when it’s a corporate office or a storefront you wish to decorate, trying to do it yourself becomes out of the question!

If you’d like to put up Christmas lightings and decorations but wary of having to go through all these hassles and headaches that come with it, we’re just what you need! A professional residential and commercial Christmas light installation company, we’ll turn your property into a merry winter wonderland!

From the consultation process to removal at the end of the season, our electricians give you the easiest, most stress-free Christmas light installation!

We’re lighting up Cypress, Katy, Magnolia, and Woodlands, TX homes this year with our dedicated Christmas lighting services!

Our Residential and Commercial Christmas Light Installation Services Include:

Getting the idea right for your Christmas décor is the first step to your journey to a merry, jolly holiday season complete with a well-lit, gorgeous house or storefront. Our experts are here to help!

Not only will we do all the work so you can sit back and relax, we’ll also offer our own suggestions from our experience of having decorated hundreds of houses over the year. If you have a plan in mind, just let our decorators know and we’ll get to work instantly to help your imagination become reality.


Having been in the business for years, our licensed and certified Christmas light installers have amassed a world of lighting knowledge that helps them get the job done better and faster. Regular training sessions keep them updated with the latest in electrical technology; so no matter what kind of lights you want installed, we have the expertise to handle it all!


Bulbs started burning out even before Christmas Eve rolled around? Snow storm wrecked the design of your Christmas décor? No worries! Just give us a call and we’ll roll back around to fix whatever issue you’re facing with your lights and décor!


Getting all the lights off and packed for the rest of the year is another endeavor that requires time and effort. Right after the holiday season starts a new year, and you’re busy with carrying out all those resolutions you promised yourself this year. Who has the time to worry about taking off the lighting?

Once all the festivities are over and you’re getting ready to begin a new year with a fresh start, we’ll come back around to take down your décor, using the same professionalism with which we put them up. We’ll take care of every aspect of your Christmas lights installation so you have nothing to worry about this season. Take some time off and spend it with friends and family; you deserve it after the hard work of the entire year!

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