LED Services

LED lights provide more illumination while consuming a fraction of energy traditional lights use. This is the reason why many commercial and residential clients are making the switch. If this is your first time installing LED lights, you need a team of professional electricians and technicians to make the transition easier and more beneficial for you.

At RHK Electrical, we stay up to date with all kinds of LED solutions and latest technologies to ensure that our clients get the most innovative setup that offers energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

Traditional lights are now going obsolete for a number of reasons including the exponential amount of energy lost in heat, frequent replacements and the whopping energy consumption. If you have finally decided to make the switch to LED lights, you’ve made the right choice.

When you choose us for LED services, we ensure that following benefits:
  • Low energy consumption
  • LED lights will last much longer
  • An endless array of colors to choose from
  • An immediate decline in your environmental carbon footprint
  • Not necessary to change fittings and fixtures
  • Instant illumination
  • The best prices

At RHK Electrical, we offer LED lighting solutions to optimize your home or office for low energy consumption. Whether you are looking for installation of accent or ambient lighting, we can recommend the best options according to your needs.

Get in touch with us and avail the following services:
  • LED lighting recommendations depending on your needs
  • Installation of LED accent, ambient and specialty area lighting
  • Complete wiring and rewiring for LED lighting
  • Installation and repair for LED lighting fixtures
  • Designing a lighting plan
  • Upgrading current LED lights

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