Here’s How to Ensure Home Electrical Safety in a Household with Kids

Here’s How to Ensure Home Electrical Safety in a Household with Kids

Electricity is used for almost everything we do every single day. We barely consider safety while switching on a light or plugging in an appliance. For how routine using switches has become, we may forget the importance of electrical safety, especially in a home with kids.

While hiring professional electrician services can help you check and fix any faulty outlets and electrical threats, there are other ways. Let’s discuss these so you can ensure electrical safety for everyone, especially your kids.

Keep Power Extensions Out of The Way

While arranging your furniture, make sure that you can easily access all the power sockets. This makes it easy to turn them off and makes it easier to keep several electrical extensions out of the way. Kids running around the home can catch these on their feet and topple. Keeping extensions secure and tying any extra cords with clips can prevent trip and fall injuries.

Listen To Electrical Outlets

If you plug any appliance and hear an electrical buzzing from the outlet, you need to contact an electrician and get it fixed. Letting an outlet continue to run with constant buzzing increases the risks of fire hazards and cause severe damage to your electrical system.

Kid Proofing Your Place

There are chances that you may have given your house a complete safety check. However, in case you have grandchildren or nephews and nieces that stop by once in a while, you may not have given electrical safety a thought.


Curious kids can find trouble in incredible places. For protecting them, investing in plastic power socket covers will ensure that the cords are out of their reach. Additionally, appliances like TVs and lamps can be anchored appropriately so that kids can’t pull them off the stands.

Use The Right Wattage for Bulbs

It’s important to use light bulbs with the correct wattage for particular fixtures and lamps. If there’s an indication on the lamp, don’t use a bulb that’s higher than 60 watts.

An open electrical panel with wires.
You need to give a little thought to keeping yourself and your family safe. Take the time to walk around your home and inspect electrical outlets and appliances that may have escaped your attention.


However, if you want professional help, RHK Electrical has got you covered. The company’s trained electricians can identify any chances of electrical malfunction and maintain your outlets to prevent any health risks. Besides providing electrical services, the company also offers generator repair, lighting maintenance services, switchboard repair services, and more. Contact RHK Electrical today to learn more about their services.

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