How To Prevent Electrical Fires In Your Home?

It may seem like an electrical fire is an unlikely event, but they’re more common than you might think. In the United States, electrical fire are the second leading cause of home fires, and the resulting fatalities have been on the rise. But it’s not impossible to prevent them.

The following tips will help you protect yourself from electrical fires at home:

Protect the Cords

A good rule of thumb is that no power cords should lie on any combustible materials like carpeting or wood flooring since such materials can light up in case of a broken wire or voltage fluctuation.

Be Sure To Unplug The Power Cord From The Wall Outlet Before Cleaning A Fireplace.

Fireplaces often accumulate heavy amounts of soot and ashes that can become very hot, causing fires when touched. If there is a possibility of an electrical fire, always unplug your fireplace before cleaning it.

Use One Surge Protector For Everything In Your Home.

When multiple devices need to be plugged in at once (i.e., TV and DVD player), use a surge protector to protect against damage during power surges caused by lightning strikes or fallen branches outside (which can travel in electrical bolts along the ground).

Keep Appliances In Good Working Order

Appliances that have been neglected need regular maintenance and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Safety checks should also be carried out periodically for fridges and freezers, cookers, washing machines and dishwashers.

Replace Frayed Wire

Check the plug for frayed wire and cracked or broken plastic with a meter. Replace as soon as possible.

Also, check the outlet itself by plugging in a lamp and seeing if the circuit is functioning correctly with a meter. If there is a fault, it should be fixed immediately. If in any doubt, contact a qualified electrician.

Be Careful with The Extensions

Don’t use extension leads that are too long or too thin for each appliance or electrical item you have in your home. Always use the original plugs that are supplied with appliances and electrical items, which can be tested by touching a live wire to the plug (never touch live wires with bare hands!). A meter should be used to check that each one is working correctly.

If you have an extension lead that is too long, put extra insulation on the outer sheath and cover it in tin foil before using it again. Replace it with a shorter one if it continues to do this.

Always Hire Certified Electricians

It’s vital to hire professional technicians for electrical services and repairs to minimize the chances of an electrical fire.

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