Protect Your Business —4 Benefits of Installing a UPS

Protect Your Business —4 Benefits of Installing a UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices are used to supply emergency power during unexpected power outages. As opposed to backup generators that take a while to start, a UPS powers up instantly, proving to be a reliable—even essential—choice for businesses.

To understand why UPS devices are critical to business operations, let’s go through their top benefits.

1.     Uninterrupted power flow

In scenarios where a bad thunderstorm or a power grid overload causes a short-term blackout, you can guarantee your operational continuity using a UPS. The voltage it provides to your devices is consistently stabilized, preventing harm to your equipment when the electricity goes out. It also allows you to work through a blackout with minimum loss of productivity.

2.     Prevention against power variances

An inconsistent power supply can cause damage to computers and other critical equipment. A UPS acts as a filter, allowing a steady power stream to reach to your machines. It prevents damage from common power variances like:

  • Spikes—when lightning strikes or faulty power lines cause a sudden voltage increase.
  • Surges— surges cause a significant increase in power delivery, resulting in damage to your machines.
  • Burnouts—these cause a dip in the power supply when large appliances like air conditioners are running.
  • Noise Interference—this is caused when high energy equipment like transmitters cause magnetic or radio frequency noise interference.

3.     Protects your data

Don’t you hate it when the power goes out suddenly and you weren’t able to save your work? Investing in a UPS backup battery gives you enough time to save your work in the event of a power outage. Moreover, power variances that could potentially damage your machines can make you lose valuable work.

4.     Increased reliability

Using a UPS backup battery for your business will give you peace of mind during operational hours, without having to worry about losing your data when a thunderstorm rolls in. Since UPS devices filter transients, they’re a commonly adopted failsafe backup plan.

In situations where a reliable power supply is inherent to everyday operations, UPS devices have saved a lot of businesses during power outages.

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