Technical Considerations Before You Buy an LED Sign

Technical Considerations Before You Buy an LED Sign

Advertising your business service or product is a sure-fire way to boost sales. Like any other industry, advertising has undergone a range of technological advancements. LED display signs have taken the advertising industry by storm, and rightly so. They are interactive and attract your target audience in the right way.

As one of the leading lighting service providers in Cypress, TX we have a team of electricians with years of experience under their belt. If you’re looking for LED display signs, reading up on a few basic factors can help you make the right investment.

Read on to find out how you can find the right LED display sign that not only performs optimally, but also has a long life span.

What is Your Requirement?

Do you want to set up an LED sign for indoors or outdoors?

What is the resolution or display pixel that you are aiming for?

Questions like this might be a bit overwhelming for you. But once you start making sense of these factors, you will be able to make an informed decision.

LED Software

To configure an LED display, you need to install software that goes well with your requirements. The right combination of LED panel hardware and software is crucial to achieving the display results you expect.


Bulbs Used in LED Sign

The resulting picture quality depends upon the types of bulbs used in an LED sign. To briefly put it, there are two kinds of bulbs available.


DIP or Dual Inline Package differs between the three primary colors, red, green, and blue. Even though DIPs are inexpensive, they lack brightness and color.


SMD integrates all three primary colors into a single bulb, this results in clear picture quality and better brightness.

Power Consumption – AC or DC

It’s better to invest in an LED sign that runs in Direct Current rather than Alternate Current. An LED panel can run on DC by using an adaptor to convert AC into DC.

Deciding the Pixel Pitch

Whether you want to install your LED sign indoors or in an outdoor setup depends on the pixel pitch. Pixel pitch is described as the distance between two pixels.

Shorter viewing distance means more concise pixel pitch, while longer viewing distances require a more extended pixel pitch.

Resolving the Resolution Issue

The resolution of an LED sign is itself dependent on the pixel pitch and viewing distance, and LED frame. Ultimately, the resolution then directly influences the color, quality, and brightness of the resulting LED display sign.

These and many other factors such as LED chip, software and cost that need to be weighed in before making the final decision.

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