4 Lighting Considerations That Increase Home Security

4 Lighting Considerations That Increase Home Security

Residential areas with better lighting are known to deter crimes. New studies show a drastically strong correlation between lighting and crimes at night.

The scientific analysis conducted by the Police Department and Housing Authorities of New York took 80 random public housing developments and installed temporary street lights in one half for six months. Results showed that index crimes fell by a staggering 39% during nighttime, which has implications for both authorities and homeowners around the world.

The question then arises: How can homeowners use lighting to enhance the safety of their houses? Here are some general guidelines that we offer to our clients:

1. Install lights near access areas

While most houses have lights installed near the front entrance, you also have to make sure that any other potential access areas are well-lit too. This includes the back entrance, garage doors, basement entrances, and windows. These will help you ensure complete coverage of the property.

2. Get motion-activated lighting

Leaving lights on 24/7 can alert burglars that you may not be home. Instead, use motion-triggered lights that turn on when movement is detected and then turn off after some time. These can startle any trespassers who don’t know if someone flipped a light switch or if the lights are motion-activated.

motion-activated lights in the outdoor patio

3. Choose fixture locations strategically

When putting up outdoor lighting, choose fixture locations that prevent tampering. Ideally, they should be placed high up and away from any trees or fences that can be used to disconnect the lights. It’s best to consult with an electrician if you need to install new outlets or run a new line for outdoor lighting.

4. Ensure timely repairs

If you come across a burned-out bulb or damaged wiring, it’s essential to get repairs done as soon as possible. Delaying necessary repairs will reduce the efficiency of all the work you’ve done to make your home safer and can lead to larger electrical problems down the line.

Consult with an Expert Electricians in Woodlands, TX

If you’re looking for more specific recommendations on how to boost the security of your home with lighting solutions, feel free to reach out to us any time. The trained electricians at RHK Electrical can help you install LED lighting solutions, motion detectors, and home security systems with ease.

We also offer electrical repairs and maintenance services to ensure all your lighting is in good order.

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