Church Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

Church Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

Selecting the right lighting for a place of worship is essential for its architecture. The lights shouldn’t only enhance the beauty of the place but also provide adequate illumination. A church should be well-lit to help worshipers.

Traditional lighting systems didn’t offer many options and were quite ineffective. But the new and innovative lights come with a wide range of designs.

Church lighting might seem complicated to many. Here is everything you need to know before choosing a lighting system for a church.

The Platform And Altar Come First:

The first and foremost thing to consider is the platform and alter. It’s the main attraction of the entire place. The front light should be at an angle of 45 degreesand almost 10 to 15 feet away from the pulpit. Consider using two different sources for lighting to reduce the effect of shadows and improve visibility.


Pay Attention to Choir And Stage:

There are specific details to keep in mind when installing lights for the choir area. Adequate lighting is necessary for the band and choir to read their music sheet. The lighting should be focused on the choir during the performance making the brightness in other areas subdued. You can also play with various colors when it comes to pulpit lighting

Go Easy On The Congregation:

Soft lighting is the go-to design for the congregation area. The lighting to be enough to read a bible or hymnals; however, make sure it’s not the center of focus. It shouldn’t distract attendees from the platform and the choir.

Direct lighting is a great way to achieve a softer look.


Choosing The Right Light:

There are a number of options available for church lighting. LED fixtures are one of the economical and long-lasting options for this purpose. It reduces electricity consumption and requires less maintenance.

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