"Flickering Light Bulbs – Should You Be  Concerned?"

"Flickering Light Bulbs – Should You Be Concerned?"

Sometimes, flickering light bulbs are completely intentional, serving fun, decorative, and aesthetic purposes—other times, they signal that something is wrong with your electrical system. 

Even though it may give off a serious horror movie vibe, flickering isn’t usually a cause for concern; however, it’s still recommended to get it checked out, preferably by a professional, and make sure that it’s not pointing to a larger issue.

The following are some of the most common reasons for flickering light bulbs and when you need to be worried about them. 

Fluorescent And LED Flickering—Perfectly Normal

A few types of lighting technologies are naturally sensitive and may flicker from time to time. For example, your fluorescent lights might flicker for a few moments when you turn them on, as it takes time for the phosphors to reach their peak illumination. 

In much the same way, LED lights might also flicker if they aren’t connected to the driver properly. Both these conditions are perfectly normal and don’t indicate any serious issues. In case the flickering gets too annoying, it is recommended to get your lights changed. 

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Loose Bulb—Don’t Sweat It

One of the simplest things that can give your bulb a reason to haunt you is it being screwed into its socket a little too loose. 

A few precautions to take before you go looking for loose screwing include; turning off the light and putting on a heavy-duty glove because the bulb is likely to be very hot to the touch. However, if your bulb still flickers after this, the problem might be a little more serious.

Fluctuating Voltage—Time To Call The Electrician

Another thing that could be making your lights flicker when you turn them on is voltage fluctuation, especially if your lights continue to flicker for a long time. Other symptoms of voltage fluctuation include lights getting dim unexpectedly, or burning out frequently. If this is happening in your home, it’s best to check in with a certified electrician who is trained and qualified to handle sensitive situations like this one. 

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