3 Issues an Electrician Can Fix That People Don’t Usually Talk About

3 Issues an Electrician Can Fix That People Don’t Usually Talk About

While electrical appliances are made for our comfort and convenience, they can also be incredibly dangerous if misused.

The good news is that an electrician can prevent this from happening. Contrary to popular belief, they do a lot more than just installing lights and fans.

Here are some issues that electricians can fix that most people don’t know about:

Flickering lights

Flickering lights are a major source of annoyance. Some people are so sensitive to them, in fact, that they end up with a headache after continued exposure; this is known as photophobia. Flickering lights also make it hard to focus on work, among other things.

Flickering lights could be due to a number of factors, the most common of which are grid issues. If there’s a sudden surge in voltage, for example, your lights will flicker.

You’re even more likely to deal with flickering lights if you have dimmer switches and fluorescent lights. These lights are more susceptible to flickering compared to LED bulbs because the phosphors take some time to illuminate.

Only an electrician can help you diagnose and rectify these issues.

Tripping circuit breakers

Tripping circuit breakers are most common in older homes where the electrical system can’t handle the wattage of new appliances. The circuit breaker trips whenever the flow overloads. This is a preventative measure to shut off the power supply before the excess current causes overheating or an electrical fire.

wire check

Your circuit breaker could also trip as a result of a grounding fault or a short circuit. It’s also possible that your AC unit is pulling in more current when it’s hotter outside. It could overheat as a result and cause the circuit to break. Only a professional, certified electrician would know whether you need to add another circuit to accommodate the load or upgrade the wiring.

Buzzing dimmer switches

Dimmer switches are extremely convenient since they help you adjust the lighting in your home as per your comfort. However, certain issues can arise every now and then. One of these is a highly annoying buzz or humming sound when they’re turned on. This happens when AC interruptions create vibrations every time the lighting levels are changing.

You need a professional electrician to check whether the wattage is in excess of what the wiring can withstand. Each dimmer is rated according to the number of watts that it can control. By replacing it with a higher wattage dimmer, your electrician might be able to ease the load and reduce the buzzing sound.

If you’re dealing with any of the above-mentioned issues in Magnolia, TX, RHK Electrical is here to save the day! Give us a call and our electricians will tend to your problem immediately.

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