4 Common Ways to Keep Children Safe Around Electricity

4 Common Ways to Keep Children Safe Around Electricity

We all know that kidsare extremely curious by nature, and it can be pretty hard to keep them away fromdangerous things that are not for playing, especially when it comes to electrical items and appliances.

Since the human body is an electrical conductor, it passes current when it comes in contact with an electrical source, which results in an electrical shock. Depending on itsduration and intensity, an electric shock can lead to minor discomfort, serious injury or even death.

Therefore, it’s crucial to make your home child-proof and keep your little ones safe from electric shocks.

Put Safety Covers on Electrical Outlets

One of the best ways to keep your child safe from electrocution is by covering the electrical outlets in your home with plastic safety covers. Theyblock the electrical outlets, preventing your child from inserting their tiny fingers into the sockets.

Place safety covers, especially on those outlets that are low on the ground and in easy-to-reach places. Make sure to purchase tamper-resistant covers, so your child can’t remove them.

Don’t Keep Electrical Appliances in the Bathroom

Thingscan get quite messy when you’re giving your child a bath and there’s water splashed everywhere. And if the water reaches any electrical appliances in the bathroom, your child can get a shock,even if the appliances are switched off.

Make sure you keep appliances like hairdryersand shavers away from the tub or sink. Also, keep your cellphone away while bathing your child.

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Keep Away Electrical Cords

Home appliances come with electrical cords—obviously—in which children can get tangled up or get curious to explore and plug in. The area behind the entertainment area and television set, in particular,has numerous power bars and extension cords.

If your child gets access to the power outlets and electrical cords, they may be at severe risk of electrocution.

Make sure to keep this area out of your child’s reach. Use barriers or tie up all the cables when you’re done using the appliance.

Seek Help from an Electrician

Many electrical hazards in your home are hidden. Loose switches or open wires that are hidden behind the furniture can cause a serious electric shock. An expert electrician can inspect your homeand identify areas that may put you and your family at risk.

Taking these simple precautions can make your home child-proof and a safe place for your child to play around freely.

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