4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Electric Water Heaters

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Electric Water Heaters

Water heaters in the winter season are an absolute must—no one really wants a cold shower in 54 degrees. Ideally, you should change your water heater every 10 years because most of them tend to develop leaks and other problems that become frequent. So, if your water heater has crossed the 10-year benchmark and you’re exploring your options. 

Here’s what you should consider:

1. Check the Energy Efficiency Rating

In a state like Texas, with some of the highest electricity prices in the county, you need an energy-efficient water heater. Most, if not all, electric water heaters tell you the energy efficiency—which tells you how much electric energy they convert into heat. Heaters with high energy efficiency factors use less electricity to produce more heat and also retain more heat when the water is stored.

Using an energy-efficient heater will lower your electricity bills and will always ensure that you have an ample supply of hot water whenever you need it.

2. Storage Capacity

This is a fundamental question that only you can answer because only you know how much hot water you need. Before anything else, you should consider how much water your heater can hold—because that fundamentally determines the hot water supply in your home. Higher capacity heaters also come at the cost of energy efficiency—since you’ll need more energy to heat up 10 gallons of water as opposed to 5 gallons. 

If you’re single or a family of three, you can also explore tankless water options that heat water on demand.

3. How Much Space do you Have?

Take measurements of the place where you intend to place the heater and make your selection based on what heater size would fit.

4. Cost of The Heater

This doesn’t just include the price you pay for it—it also includes the running costs. We’ve already spoken of how energy efficiency lowers the electricity costs so you should try to see which heater minimizes your costs in the long run. You should figure out which heater gives you the most amount of hot water and how much electricity it needs to heat the water up—pick the one which gives you the lowest possible cost.

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