Looking For an Electrician in Texas? Make Sure They Are Licensed

Looking For an Electrician in Texas? Make Sure They Are Licensed

Got a problem with the wiring in your home? You are going to need a professional electrician to take care of it.

However, before hiring an electrician, you might want to find out if they are licensed or not. Why is that important? Licensing is an indication that the person is qualified and has the skills required to solve all kinds of problems with electrical wiring.

Each state has different requirements for electrician licenses. Take a look at the license requirements for electricians in Texas:

The Advisory Board

The Electrical Safety and Licensing Advisory Board consist of nine members. It is the job of the commission’s president to hire these people. The board has three master electricians, three journeyman electricians, one master sign electrician, and two public members.

Every member of the board needs to serve at least six years term. The board establishes the financial responsibilities of electrical contractors and reviews the National electrical code after a period of three years.

License Requirements

According to section 1305.151, no one is allowed to perform any kind of electrical work unless they have a license issued by the advisory board.

When a person applies for license, they will first need to submit an application form prescribed by the director. In addition to that, they will need to provide any additional information required by the directors along with the fees.

People applying for a master electrician license need to have at least 12,000 hours of on job experience. They also need to have a journeyman license.

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A journeyman electrician on the other hand needs to have 8,000 hours of work experience. They will also need to give an electrician examination test.


The examinations are conducted by the state and the executive director determines the standards for acceptable performance.

Results are announced thirty days after the examination. If the national testing service is grading, the results might be announced a lot earlier.

The department decides if the license should be issued based on applicants performance in the examination.

The license expires at the end of the year and the electrician will be required to pay a renewal fee in order to continue using it. They receive a notification from the department thirty days before the expiration date.

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