Power Surge Protection This Winter: What You Need To Know

Power Surge Protection This Winter: What You Need To Know

Power surges are a common occurrence in the winters. Electrical repairs or overused electrical grids produce these surges which often damage your household appliances.

Texas, in particular, has had power surge problems for a very long time—just this year, authorities claimed that higher demand for electricity has reduced back up resources to tax the state’s electrical grids. Blackouts throughout the state and the need for frequent repairs are also leading to a rise in the occurrence of power surges throughout Texas.

According to reports, these power surges were responsible for damages amounting to as high as $5000—damages were highest in Richmond, where people lost appliances worth tens of thousands of dollars. Considering the frequency with which power surges occur in Texas, it pays to take protective measures against power surges, so that you can keep your appliances safe from any damage.

Some measures that everyone should take, include:

Install Surge Protectors

Surge protector strips are power outlets that you can plug your appliances into. In the event of an electrical surge, the strips divert the extra voltage into the ground wire to protect your appliances. This prevention mechanism allows only the appropriate amount of voltage to flow through the appliances and the wiring isn’t damaged because the extra electricity is diverted to the grounding. 

Double Check the Grounding on Your Appliances

If you’re not using a surge protector, you should double-check if your appliances are properly grounded. In fact, you should also see if your surge protectors are properly grounded. For as long as the extra voltage is diverted away from your appliances, there should be no reason for you to be worried about the power surges short-circuiting them.

Install UPS Systems

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems work quite similarly to a power surge protector—with the added benefit that they also provide back up electricity. You can connect your appliances to UPS systems, which regulate the amount of electricity flowing through them. The UPS acts as an extra layer of protection from power surges to cut the power supply itself if excess voltage flows through them. 

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