The Uses and Benefits of Neon Signs

The Uses and Benefits of Neon Signs

One of the biggest factors that affects a business’s success is visibility! Products and service need to be prominent from a distance and catch onlookers’ attention. This is why design and content teams work in synergy to work come up with catchy taglines, logos, and designs.

Another factor that has an important role to play is lighting. Lights are an integral part of visible marketing that make a lasting impact on every person who passes by the store—specifically, neon lights.

Here are some uses and benefits of neon lights:

Very high power efficiency

If you’re looking for signs for your business, one of your top concerns is probably cost and energy efficiency. Businesses need solutions that give them maximum output for minimum investment. Compared to traditional lights, neon lights draw less energy from the source. This is because they produce light energy when gas interacts with electricity. On the other hand, fluorescent lights dissipate at least 90% of the total light they produce as heat and add to your utility bills.

Neon is also the fifth most abundant element on Earth. This abundance makes it a very affordable option.

Night time functionality

Since the early 1950s, neon signs have been used as an unconventional way to advertise brands. This is especially important for stores that expect most of their traffic at night. Neon lights make it easy for customers to not just spot your store but also to remember where it is. This is because when it’s dark, the human eye is naturally attracted toward luminous objects.

neon sign

Other than visibility, neon lights also give you huge creative freedom. You can craft whatever designs and layouts suit the needs of your business best. To enhance visibility, you can choose from a number of bright colors.

Wide operating range

Other than the fact that neon signs are highly durable, they also have a huge tolerance for power surges and burnouts. They’re flexible in terms of the power source and voltage used. This is because they have no filament. Instead of filaments, neon lights have electrodes which don’t heat up. Since they don’t heat up, you can rule out the possibility of your neon lights blowing up due to excessive voltage.

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