4 Electric Water Heater Safety Tips

4 Electric Water Heater Safety Tips

When it comes to water heater safety, very few of us take it as seriously as we should. It would even be fair to say that it’s one of those things that we give little thought to, if any at all. Maybe it’s because the placement of water heaters in our homes makes them not visible, or that we just take them for granted.

The only time we might be jolted out of our complacency is when the sudden realization of a lack of hot water hits us—quite literally. Or in the worst case scenario, it’s when we find the water heater submerged in a pool of its own water.

Almost all water heaters require regular maintenance and upkeep. Which is why it’s important to practice water safety for continued hot water usage and, more importantly, to avoid the risk of accidents at home. Here are 4 useful tips for water heater maintenance.

1.     Proper venting and vent installation is the key to safe water heater usage

Make sure that the vents that are installed to air out the fumes from the water heater are the same size as the draft diverter of the tank. For optimal safety, experts advise that a vent should be double-walled.

2.     Avoid carbon monoxide leakage

Single wall vent sections should be secured in place by three screws per section, especially in disaster-prone areas. Insecure vents can fall apart and lead to carbon monoxide leakages, which is poisonous to inhale and hazardous to our health.

3.     Check the temperature/pressure relieve valve regularly

Checking the water temperature is an important part of water safety. The valve is meant to prevent the water heater from exploding in case of extreme temperature or pressure conditions. Opening the valve and venting it on a regular basis is highly recommended.

4.     Place the water heater in a safe place

Avoid setting the water temperature above 120 degrees Farenheight. You should make sure the water heater is placed in a fairly secluded and well ventilated place in your home. This is to avoid letting it come in contact with any combustible or flammable material. Keep children away from it as well and avoid leaving them unattended around it.


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