Tips for Choosing LED Lighting Solutions in Katy, TX

Tips for Choosing LED Lighting Solutions in Katy, TX


Many people are switching to LED lighting solutions because of their durability, reliability and positive impact on the environment. Since there are so many LED lighting solutions to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision. This blog post will highlight some of the things that you need to consider when choosing LED lighting solutions.

Brightness Requirements


The purpose of any lighting solution is to light up your space, and hence the first thing that you should consider is brightness. You should decide the level of brightness you need and then choose a LED bulb accordingly. You might be aware that LEDs consume much less power than other bulbs to produce the same or even more brightness. When we talk about the brightness of an LED bulb, it’s very important to consider lumens—the unit of measurement used for the total amount of light emitted. Experts believe that you can replace a 60 W bulb with a LED bulb that emits 800 lumens of light.


Correlated Color Temperature

Correlated color temperature (CCT) is a way of measuring whether a bulb is creating a warmer light or crisper, cooler light. CCT is usually measured in terms of light’s temperature and the unit of measure is the Kelvin (K). It should be noted that the lower the CCT rating, the warmer the light appearance will be. This means that you should choose higher numbers if you wish your LED light to give a cool and blue appearance in the room. You can find LED bulbs with ratings anywhere between 2700K and 3000K. You get approximately 5500K light from the sun in the afternoon on a sunny day.

Accuracy of the Color


Poor color rendering is not good for your eyes and can affect your vision. Before you choose an LED bulb or any other lighting, it’s important to understand that the light sources vary in the way they depict the colors of objects. A good LED light is the one that accurately shows the colors of the objects in your room. However, for some purposes, you might intentionally want to change the color of objects, so choose a bulb accordingly.

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