15 Ways to Handle an Electrical Emergency

15 Ways to Handle an Electrical Emergency

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS’), 116 fatal electrical injuries took place in the US last year. Additionally, power outages in Texas, U.S. have caused multiple safety hazards.

Even the smallest of electrical failures can snowball into catastrophic emergencies if not handled properly. Since disaster can strike at any moment, it pays off to be ready when the situation calls for it.

Here are a few tips from the leading residential electrical services in Cypress, TX, to help you handle minor electrical emergencies.

A.   Electrical Hazards

These include technical malfunctions in circuitry, wiring, and supply sources. Blackouts and Natural disasters are another cause of electrical hazards.

  • Cut off power from the source
  • Maintain distance from the conducting source in the case of electrical shock!
  • In case someone gets electrocuted, use an insulator to push them away from the source
  • Keep all socket and switchboards well maintained by inspecting them regularly

B.   Power Outage

Sudden power loss and outages can occur for multiple reasons—be it a technical issue in the local transformer or problems in the grid system of an entire city. In all these cases, one should be prepared. Here’s how.

  • Check the reason for the power outage
  • Always keep an emergency kit ready with the necessities in case of a major grid failure
  • In case of a power outage, turn off all electrical appliances and disconnect all devices to avoid malfunction

C.   Damaged Power lines

Power lines and electrical wires can be affected by natural calamities like earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, and rainfall.

  • Practice caution when dealing with broken power lines
  • Avoid tress and poles as they can easily conduct electricity
  • Stay on an insulated surface to avoid being electrocuted
  • Call the local authorities and fire station

D.  Electrical Fire

Sparks and heat that arise in electrical appliances should be checked frequently as fires can easily spread due to sparks in wiring and electrical boards.

  • First and foremost, cut off the power supply on the occurrence of sparking and smoke in electrical circuit boards
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on the premise
  • Educate yourself on fire-safety drills
  • Exit the building safely in case of a fire

Burnt capacitor of a fuse box

It’s essential that you stay focused and composed to stop these emergencies before they get any worse.

Unfortunately, not everyone may be equipped to handle common electrical emergencies—this is when you call expert electricians for your home in Cypress, TX.

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