What to Keep in Mind When Installing Outdoor Lighting

What to Keep in Mind When Installing Outdoor Lighting

All ready to give your home’s exterior a transformational facelift by installing outdoor lighting?

But, wait.

There are certain things that you should know in advance to ensure safe and long-serving deployment of these lighting solutions.

What are these points of consideration?

Install Lighting Fixtures that are Designed for Outdoor Use

Lighting fixtures are available in two types of design solutions. One, which are intended for indoor use. And the other, which are designed for outdoor use.

Why should you use an outdoor-rated lighting fixture?

Well, lighting fixtures that are rated for outdoor use come with in-built features that allow them to withstand moist or damp conditions.

It could be a weatherproof insulation. It could be an overhead extension that prevents water from shedding into the circuitry of the lighting fixture. Or, any other such weather proof feature.

By installing a lighting fixture that is designed for outdoor use, you won’t have to worry about the variability in weather conditions. It won’t affect the performance or the service life of your lighting fixture.

Install Light Bulbs that are Designed for Outdoor Use

Having an outdoor-rated fixture is not enough. Because sometimes, rainwater may find its way into a light fixture.

This could be due to the negligence of the user. Or, it could be through an opening that is almost impossible to cover. For example:

  • The user may forget to screw the glass properly, which may leave the fixed light bulb exposed to moist weather conditions.
  • Water may enter the junction box and travel all the way through the insulated cable, right up to the bulb holder.

In both these cases, water may end up damaging the circuitry of the bulb. Therefore, for a reliable and durable solution, get an outdoor-rated bulb along with an outdoor-rated lighting fixture.

If you are struggling to determine whether the light bulb or the lighting fixture is rated for outdoor use, contact a reliable electrical service for professional help.

Make Sure Your Light Bulb Complies with the Fixture’s Power Ratings

Your outdoor lighting fixture is designed to operate on a fixed power rating. As such, you should always make sure that the light bulb which you have purchased, complies with fixture’s power rating.

If you use a light bulb that draws in more power than the load limit of the lighting fixture, it can end up overheating the wires in the fixture. This will damage the circuit, and your fixture will fail.

Use Extension Cords that are Designed for Outdoor Use

Many homeowners use extension cords for temporary deployment of lighting fixtures during the festive season. These extension cords serve as convenient power outlets.

However, if you are using an extension cord to light an outdoor fixture, make sure that it is designed for outdoor use. Otherwise, it could risk your safety and the integrity of your domestic electric system.

Need Professional Help for the Installation of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

The team of RHK Electrical is here. We provide licensed electrical services in Cypress. From the installation of new lighting fixtures, to the repair and maintenance of old lighting fixtures – we have the resources to handle all your lighting needs.

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