Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lighting Solutions for Your House

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lighting Solutions for Your House

Lighting fixtures come in different size, different styles and different looks.

They all serve to be perfect fits, provided they’re installed right; a setting that suits their specifications. This is wherein lies the problem. Since, not everyone knows what type of lighting fixture would best work in a particular setting.  

What if we can help you solve this problem?

What does it take to choose the perfect lighting solution?

Then let us guide you.

Determine the Purpose of the Room

Every room and every space in your house has different lighting requirements. Because, each serves a different purpose.

For example, your kitchen.

You won’t be just cooking in your kitchen; you will also be performing other tasks like cutting vegetables, filleting a mackerel, etc. You will need be needing a lighting solution that allows you to see things clearly.

On the other hand, if you want a lighting solution for your bathroom, your lighting requirements will vary accordingly.

Therefore, the first step to choosing the perfect lighting solution is to determine the purpose of the room in which the lighting fixture is to be installed. Then choose a solution that serves the purpose in the best possible way.

Consider the Room Design

Some rooms, like your dining room is primed with furniture, architectural design work and decorative ornaments. While other rooms, like your living space may have minimalist design and only a couch and a TV.

Assessing your room design would ultimately help you decide to choose a style for your lighting fixture, that seamlessly blends with its surrounding. If your room design is simple, then it’s better to stick to an elegantly styled lighting fixture. If your room design is loud, like your dining room, then it is apt to go for a lighting fixture that has an upscale design-style.

Quantitatively Determine the Lighting Requirements

You have identified the purpose of your room and you have assessed your room design in detail. It is now time to quantitively determine the lighting requirement, that would complement the purpose of your room and room design.

As a standard, measure the area. Let’s say, your room measures 17 ft. by 10 ft.

The area of your room in this case is 170 sq. ft.

Next, multiply the area by a factor of forty.

If you want to know more, please consult an electrician.

After multiplying 170 by 40, you get a figure of 6800 units. These are your lumens.

In simple words, you need to buy a lighting fixture that produces at least 6800 lumens of light intensity. The higher the light intensity, the greater the brightness. Depending on the purpose of your room and its design, you may have to upscale your requirements.

Choose a Lighting Solution that Offers Maximum Energy Savings

Finally, the last thing to consider is the energy savings that the lighting solution has to offer. Lighting fixtures that comes with LED bulbs offer maximum energy savings. Therefore, an LED lighting solution is the perfect choice in that regard.

Need Some Help?

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