How to Prevent Pest Damage to Electrical Controls

How to Prevent Pest Damage to Electrical Controls

Pests can infiltrate poorly-made structures and wreak havoc on a building’s electrical work. The most common cause for this is said pests seeking shelter. Electric control-housing units are typically well-sealed, making it difficult for larger predators to enter.

However, while they’re safe for pests, the resultant damage can cause risky fires and hinder work. Here’s what you need to know about the kinds of pests that may be lurking in your building and how to prevent them from damaging your electrical work.


The odds of rats damaging wires if they come close to them are high due to their teeth. Rats have perpetually growing incisor teeth that can become very painful unless they’re worn down. The primary way to wear them down is gnawing on things, including wires. Rats typically enter a crevice seeking food, but will gnaw on pretty much anything they can get their hands on.

A white mouse


Like rats, snakes might also make their way into your electrical work while looking for food. Snakes can’t gnaw on your wires like rats, but they can be shocked by the wires. This will likely fry your electrical controls, warranting costly repairs.


Compared to rats and snakes, ants are very small, so they can easily get into your electrical work. Like rats and snakes, ants will defend this space if they begin to nest here. Coupled with their use of soil, ants pose risks to electricians and electrical work. The soil can corrode the electrical parts; ants also gnaw on wires.


Wasps complicate the pest situation in two ways: they can fly and their stings are very painful. Since they’re somewhat small and can fly, they can easily find their way into your electrical control unit. If wasps begin to form nests, you should call pest control before you call electricians.

Tips for Prevention

The most obvious and effective way to stop pest-related damages is to inspect buildings for openings. A single opening is enough for a pest to work their way around the entire building.

It’s precautionary and helpful to inspect your building with the intention of not letting any ants or insects through. Since ants are the smallest pest you’ll encounter, an ant-proof building is a pest-proof building. Besides that, use pest-proof material, like concrete, to seal any spaces you see.

If you had a pest problem that led to electrical damage, contact us at RHK Electrical. We offer electrical services and repairs in Katy, Magnolia, and Woodlands, TX. Get in touch, and we’ll restore your electrical work to its optimal condition.

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