Why You Should Hire an Electrician to Fix a Loose Electrical Outlet Box

Why You Should Hire an Electrician to Fix a Loose Electrical Outlet Box

All your home’s electrical outlets are placed in an outlet box and attached to the drywall. With time, the screws of the outlet box can become loose. When you pull a wire out of the outlet, it feels that the entire outlet box will fall off. If you’ve ever felt that way, it means that your electrical outlet box is loose and needs your attention.

Repairing a loose outlet box isn’t as simple as tightening screws. You may need to replace the box, install a smaller box, or even replace the drywall. There can also be a range of underlying issues, such as frayed wires, causing a danger of being electrocuted and falling victim to a house fire. Therefore, if you’re faced with a loose outlet box, call an electrician!

How Will I Know if the Electrical Outlet Box is Loose?

The box will be loose enough to make you feel that it’ll come off the wall. Another sign is that if you can swing the box’s faceplate from side to side or see that it doesn’t sit firmly against the wall. Moreover, if your electrical outlet box has been loose for some time, the electrical wires would be rubbing against each other, causing damage to their protective coating — so that’s another sign.


What Problems Can A Loose Outlet Box Cause?

It’s easy to ignore a loose outlet box, and you can live with its annoyance for months. But it can lead to some life-threatening outcomes like:

Cracked Faceplate: When you repeatedly pull the outlet box against its faceplate, it may crack with time. If that happens, you can be exposed to live wires.

Inconsistent Charging: A loose outlet fox can lead to an interrupted power supply to your device’s charging chords. It leads to unreliable charging and damaged batteries.

Electrocution: The most significant danger of a loose outlet box is getting an electrical shock. It can also lead to a house fire. Therefore, it’s vital to get it fixed as soon as possible for your property’s and loved ones’ safety.

Looking for An Electrician?

When you’re facing electrical issues at home, it’s best to call an expert to take care of it. It ensures your safety and a job well done.

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