5 Reasons to Choose LED Over Traditional Lighting

5 Reasons to Choose LED Over Traditional Lighting

LED lights are one of the most rapidly developing technologies in the US. LED lights last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs and use one-fourth of their energy — a viable option for energy-efficient lighting! According to a 2015 Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS), LED lights are present in 86% of households in the US. This blog highlights 5 reasons why you should choose LED lighting over traditional bulbs.

1.    They Don’t Need Reflectors

When electricity flows through a traditional bulb, its filament spreads out the light. It needs reflectors to contain it. Unlike conventional bulbs, LEDs project their light in one direction without needing reflectors.

2.    Energy Saving

You can replace an 84-watt traditional bulb with a 36-watt LED and get the same amount of light. Consistent use of LED is a bang for your buck! Statistics show that by 2027, the prevalent use of LED can save 348 TWh. This figure can equate to an electrical output from 44 power plants, savings of $ 30 billion, and the greenhouse emissions of up to 800,000 cars!

3.    Non-Toxicity

Commercial places like malls and shops use fluorescent lighting, which contains toxic elements like mercury. When these lights are thrown in a landfill site, they heavily pollute the environment. Therefore, before disposing of these lights, you require registration with a waste carrier service. Avoid that hassle and get LEDs. They save you time and money with easy disposal without exposing the environment to toxic elements.

Living room with sofas, center table, and LED light fixtures on the ceiling

4.    LEDs Last Longer

While traditional lights last for 34,0000 hours, LEDs can last for 70,000 hours. Therefore, LEDs don’t need to be replaced frequently, ensuring long-term savings too.

5.    LEDs Are Recyclable!

In case your LED light stops working, you can recycle all their parts! The LED chip can go to the e-cycling center and can safely break down. The aluminum and plastic of the LED bulb can be converted into something else in the commercial recycling plant.

Get LED Lighting Solutions

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