Common Problems with Electric Signs

Common Problems with Electric Signs

Signs are a proven way to bring in new customers, increase revenue/profits and make customers shop on impulse. But having an electric sign is taking it a step further. An electric sign is a great way to grab attention and stand apart from competition.

Normally there are three types of electric signs—neon, fluorescent and LED. Before getting an electric sign, read about some of the factors related to them.

Neon Electric Sign

Neon electric signs were introduced in 1920s and became very popular. They are a high-voltage system and require highly-trained professionals for installations and repair. Here are some of the common problems you might face with Neon Electric signs:

  • One letter not lit—this is also a common problem with neon lights. This means the lights needs gas re-pumping and needs the neon tube replaced.
  • Bad Transformer—in case of a bad transformer, the neon sign will not work at all or will be dimly lit.
  • Flickering—you might have seen signs like these. This means that a section of the neon has burned out or is broken.

Fluorescent Electric Signs

These are types of electric signs that are almost no longer used. These signs have multiple high-voltage fluorescent bulbs racked together inside a sign cabinet.

The fluorescent bulbs need to be placed at perfect distance to each other to keep the temperature of the sign board at the right level. If the bulbs are too near, they will create hot spots in the sign cabinet. This creates uneven sight when you are looking at the board.

If the bulbs are placed too far apart, they will create cold spots. Cold spots will make the sign too dim to read and the purpose of an electric sign is lost.

LED Electric Signs

When it comes to benefits, LED lighting trumps the other two. LED electric signs have a life of over 10 years with twenty-four hours of use. You will hardly get to see a section of an LED sign fail. Although it will cost more up-front, it will be economical over its life, more so than the other two options.

The only problem that you could encounter with an LED electric sign is hiring a contractor who is low-balling you.

A contractor who is offering to install an LED sign with very cheap rates will probably be inclined to use cheap LED products.

To get the right colors and desired effects on the LED display, get in touch with experts. LED signs have become very popular as they lower the electricity bills by almost 90%. If you are looking for the best LED sign services Cypress TX has, then contact us at +1 832 948 6019.

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