What Are The Electrical Problems Caused When Lightning Strikes Your Home?

What Are The Electrical Problems Caused When Lightning Strikes Your Home?

After Hurricane Harvey, we can say that the worst is behind is. But the hurricane season is expected to last till November and we could be encountering thunderstorms.

Insurance companies paid out $825 million in insurance claims last year due to lightning, with number of affected being the second highest in Texas.

Lightning strikes are common in Texas and your home is not immune.  However, lightning does not necessarily have to strike your house in order to cause electrical problems. It can strike the power lines causing problems for the entire neighborhood.

Here are some of the most common problems caused by lightning.

Power surge

Lightning travels from the clouds to the ground from the fastest path. Sometimes, this path is the wiring or the plumbing system of your house, causing a power surge.

Power surges can also be caused if lightning strikes a power line in your neighborhood. Power surges cause extra current to flow through the wires.  Sometimes the current is so high, even appliances with surge protectors get damaged.

The best way to protect your electronic appliances is to unplug them during a thunderstorm.


Fire is the biggest threat that lightning poses for homes. If lighting strikes a house, the roof may catch fire. However, it also poses a threat to the wires and plumbing. It will burn the wires and can even ignite flames.

Shock Wave

An explosive shock wave from lightning is also a source of damage for homes. Shockwaves are the loud thunder that we hear, but at close range, they are destructive. The lightning shockwaves can shatter glass, blow plaster and fracture foundations. It can easily dislodge any electrical wiring from its place and as a result cause a short circuit.

What to do after lightning strikes?

If your house is struck by lightning, the first thing you should do is call the fire department. You might need to evacuate your home, if the damage is too severe. Once the fire department has given an all-clear, you will need to call your local electrician to perform a surge inspection.

Lightning is unpredictable and so is the damage caused by it. We have performed numerous lightning strikes assessments and each one was unique. There are a number of test that need to done in order to determine the actual damage. Sometimes appliances that were not even in use are affected.

Only after the assessment, the necessary repair work can be started.

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