4 Signs It’s Time to Rewire Your Home or Office

4 Signs It’s Time to Rewire Your Home or Office

Did a tripping switch cost you a day’s work? Did your last electricity bill nearly land you in the hospital? Are you just about ready to lose your mind because of that damned flickering light every time you’re trying to straighten your hair in the morning?

Guess what? It might be time for you to get your space rewired.

Tell-tale signs your home or office needs to be rewired

When it comes to the electrical maintenance and upkeep of your home or workplace, even the best of us can overlook major signs. There are a lot of risks when it comes to faulty wiring, so why wait till there’s a mishap or accident?

Over the next few days, keep track of the following signs and indicators that rewiring is now due:

1. If your house is older than 40 years old, you should get it rewired

  • houses tend to be using old wiring, often made of aluminum. This wiring is not updated to withstand or be receptive to modern technology, appliances and usage. This means you’ll be experiencing a range of issues on a daily basis.
  • for offices, if your building is old, you might want to check with your building manager about this and bring it up. Old wiring is prone to breakdowns and unable to bear the load.

2. Flickering or shortages with the use of appliances and breakdowns

  • using appliances or tools such as kettles, hair styling tools, computers and printers, etc. If you notice fluctuation or power trips, your wiring is unable to bear the voltage; this causes the lighting and fixtures to fluctuate.
  • continued load on your wiring, there’s greater chances of breakdowns and short-circuits that can prove to be fatal. Even your appliances seem to breakdown and die way sooner than expected. For instance, if something should last you a few years but breaks down within a few months, there’s probably an issue with the electricity delivered to them.

3. Outlets that heat up or spark

  •  you notice a spark whenever you plug something into an outlet? That’s a major sign that you’re due for a rewiring! It’s not only dangerous but it’s also harmful to your appliances.
  • sign is outlets that are hot after use. If you find that a switch or outlet and the plug of your appliance are hot after using them, you should call and electrical service immediately.

4. Outrageously high energy bills

If your bill is unjustifiably high, get your wires evaluated by an electrician. We offer electrician services in Cypress, TX, including complete wiring and rewiring for homes and offices.

Don’t wait till you’re stuck dealing with a major breakdown or short-circuit. Call us today at+1 832 948 6019 and we’ll evaluate your home or office wiring!

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