Signs That You Should Consider Complete Rewiring

Signs That You Should Consider Complete Rewiring

Your house’s wiring is of great importance. It directly affects the electricity bills, home safety, and overall levels of comfort. And if it’s not done the right way, it can cause sizable damage. There are, on average, 25,900 electrical house fires in the US annually. These fires cause an average of 280 deaths and 1,125 injuries.

However, most of these fires can be avoided with the right wiring. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get the whole system rewired. Complete rewiring is expensive, but the safety of your house should always be the utmost priority.

Here are the signs that show that your home needs a complete rewire.

Signs that your Home Needs Rewiring

  • Fuses can get blown very frequently when there are problems with the external supply of electricity, but if they get blown even when the supply is stable, it’s probably due to a fault in the internal wiring.
  • The same goes for breakers tripping frequently. This is a sign of grave problems with a house’s wiring.
  • If lights around your house are flickering and dimming, it indicates that circuit connections are loose or overloaded. There’s little you can do about it except rewire them.
  • Electrical components change their color when they’re hot over long times. They get hot because of a faulty flow of electricity in the house’s wires. This can lead to fires and damages electric appliances. Rewire the system to ensure a reliable flow of electricity inside the house.
  • Sizzling and buzzing sounds from outlets, cords and plugs are also a red flag. They are signs of short circuits and fires to come. An emergency rewiring may be necessary in this case.
  • If you get electric shocks when you touch cords and plugs in your house, you need emergency electric work. Electric shocks are a big safety hazard and can obviously cause serious damage.


Why Wait For Signs

All of these signs carry risks. Fires and damages become imminent when these signs show up, so why wait for them? If a building’s wiring is 40 years old, you should, as a safety precaution, bring in a professional to inspect the whole system and see whether a rewiring is required. It usually is required in such old buildings.

Get Professional Services

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