Warehouse Lighting: Here’s Why You Should Switch To LEDs

Warehouse Lighting: Here’s Why You Should Switch To LEDs

Metal halide lamps have been a standard for warehouse lighting for as long as one can remember.

Due to high color temperature and greater efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs, they remained a top choice for high-intensity lighting applications.

But since the advent of LED lighting, the deficiencies of metal halide lights have been exposed.

Here’s why switching to LEDs is a better choice:

Energy savings—no warm-up times, better power efficiency

Metal halide lamps come with long warm-up times and take around 15 to 25 minutes to reach full power.

This means you’d have to turn on the lights before you actually need them to illuminate your warehouse.

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Moreover, metal halide lamps are less efficient in low powers, which leads to higher energy costs.

On the other hand, LED bulbs don’t require any warm-up time and can be used instantaneously.

The low power consumption coupled with energy efficiency makes LED bulbs a great choice for warehouse lighting.

warehouse floor

Adaptive lighting—smart lighting management

LED bulbs have an adaptive lighting feature that allows dimming specific areas of the facility to enable better and intelligent management of lighting in the warehouse.

Unlike metal halide lamps, LED bulbs are more efficient when running at less than full power.

Moreover, adaptive lighting also improves its lifespan, which is already longer than other types of lighting solutions.

Using sensors and motion devices, LED bulbs can adapt to ambient conditions like traffic patterns, which can generate high energy savings at your warehouse.

Frequent Switching—no restrike time

LED lights can be switched on and off frequently without compromising the lighting output or the device itself.

LED bulbs don’t have a restrike time or warm-up time; therefore, they are not required to be turned on for longer periods than required.

Again, it helps the device last longer and saves electric consumption, leading to a better lifespan and lower energy bills.

Final words

LED bulbs are better than metal halide lamps in every aspect. LED bulbs produce steady light without flicker and allow directional lighting.

Moreover, they emit very little heat, offer better temperature tolerance, and are easier to maintain.

From lifespan to energy costs, LED bulbs have a clear advantage over outdated, inefficient metal halide lamps.

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