5 Signs Your Switchboard Needs Repair

5 Signs Your Switchboard Needs Repair

Switchboards have an interesting life: nobody pays much attention to them, but they’re controlling as well as distributing all incoming power from the electrical supplier. It’s the switchboard that has all those electrical panels and circuit breakers that redirect electricity to your residence or office.

And if you’ve observed any of the following with your switchboard, you should consider contacting a local electrical services provider in Cypress, Texas:

1.     Old Age

We don’t mean to be ageist here, but if your home or office is over 20 years, you might have to consider a replacement. The reason is simple: the appliances you use are modern and probably unfit for older switchboards.

What’s far more important here is that older switchboards don’t have circuit breakers—which you need for safety. Replacing old switchboards isn’t just important in order to keep your appliances running but is essential for your safety.

2.     If You’re Switching to a Bigger Enterprise

If your business or factory is adding an outlet or facility, chances are you’re also adding heavy-duty equipment to go with it. Accommodating this equipment requires an upgrade in the switchboard. You might require three phase power to keep in line with the increased power density. You can talk to your electrician about the best option depending on your equipment, because this is definitely a case of replacing your old switchboard with a new one.


3.     Something Burns

Overloading, faulty wiring, old cables and more can all lead to a burning smell from your switchboard. If you feel like there’s the smell of something burning coming from in or around your switchboard, don’t delay calling a professional electrician. Ignoring the problem can lead to electrical fires—and 6.5% of all residential fires in Texas in 2017 occurred due to electrical malfunction.

4.     Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can only mean three things: (a) your switchboard is malfunctioning, (b) your house is haunted or (c) you’ve been watching too many horror movies. It’s not Satan—it’s the switchboard. When a switchboard can’t handle the power your household (all your appliances) needs, it flickers. If a bulb is flickering, however, it’s probably due to faulty wiring.

5.     A Fuse that Blows

A surefire sign of a malfunctioning switchboard is a consistent problem with your fuse: the problem is so bad it completely blows. This happens when your fuse is unable to control the current, leading to electrical shorts. This, in turn leads to the fuse blowing constantly.

What to Do

If you’re in Cypress, Texas, pick up that phone and give RHK Electrical a call at +1 832 948 6019 or get in touch with us online. We’ll come over and repair your switchboard! You can find out more about us here.

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