Outdoor Lighting and Curb Appeal—What's The Link?

Outdoor Lighting and Curb Appeal—What's The Link?

Envision a beautifully designed home exterior laced with lush green hedges and a stunning pathway. Now envision the same scenario decked with poor quality lighting that casts a dark shadow over the house. 

Do you notice a difference in your imagination? Not only does poor outdoor lighting do an injustice to your landscaping and detailed decoration, it also ruins outdoor ambiance. 

With Christmas right around the corner, great outdoor lighting will make all the difference in making those festive decorations pop. 

Here are four ways outdoor lighting can spruce up your curb appeal and spark holiday joy.

1. Adding personality to your home exterior

Outdoor lighting can instantly bring life to your porch and reflect the interior mood of the house. Using a variety of lights will highlight your exterior without taking away depth and dimension. 

RHK Electrical provides fully-designed lighting plans based on your needs so you can create the perfect mood for your home exterior.

2. Sparking that Christmas magic

There’s a reason why every house decked with Christmas lights and bright ornaments stands out during holiday season. 

Using the right Christmas lights will add a warm, festive feeling to your patio that will make it appear more inviting and personable. 


While the thought of enlivening your home with holiday-themed lighting sounds wonderful, the actual process can become extremely stressful and time-consuming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with hassle-free installation and removal of quality Christmas lights.

3. Clever placement for maximum appeal

The right placement of outdoor lights can make a big difference in taking your patio from drab to eye-catchy. Placing lights inside hedges and flower pots can create a beautiful ambiance that cannot be replicated by ceiling lights. 

You can also get creative and add spotlights and angled light sources to doors, entryways and gates for added illumination. 

4. Soft colored lights for warmth 

Affordable colored lights help create visual interest by adding a soft, subtle glow. Using complementary colors in balance will accentuate home exterior and create a powerful impact at night. Keep the palette warm and neutral with pastels instead of harsh colors to sustain curb appeal.

Thinking about making some changes to the exterior lighting at your place? We wouldn’t be surprised. 

Lighting can ultimately make or break the outdoor essence of your house. Here at RHK Electrical, we understand how important it is to provide high-quality lighting solutions that will maximize curb appeal.

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