3 Restaurant Lighting Transformations You Should Invest In

3 Restaurant Lighting Transformations You Should Invest In

Designing a restaurant is all about finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. It’s not just the quality of food that attracts customers; your restaurant’s interior also plays its part in making it stand out. In fact, 91% of customers agreed that the ambiance plays a major role in their dining choice.

While we’re talking about enhancing your hotel’s aesthetic appeal, let’s not forget the power of lighting. With their variant designs and colors, restaurant lights set the tone of your dining room, giving a welcoming aura to your customers.

That said, how about we give you a few pro tips on how you can use lights to transform the look and feel of your restaurant.

1.     It’s all About Contrasts

Perhaps the worst mistake you can possibly do while designing your restaurant is going overboard with the lights. Instead of brightening your dining space, install lights that complement your wall paint.

Maintain a uniform light intensity throughout the room— adjusting to bright lights puts a lot of strain on eyes, often resulting in headaches and visual discomfort.

When it comes to maintaining a contrast, it also includes the color of your dining surfaces. Using dim lights in areas with darker walls makes for a cramped appearance. Instead, install soft and evenly lit illumination throughout the room. Use light-colored surfaces as they reflect light, giving a spacious look to your restaurant.

2.     The Power of Interior Décor

It isn’t just the installed lights that affect your restaurant’s ambiance—reflected lights also play a significant role in setting the mood of your customers. So how do you create an ambiance that customers often describe as ‘cozy’ or ‘warm’?

The answer lies in your décor!

Choose light colors and finishes for your counters and dining surfaces to give your space a vibrant look—something that’s bound to attract more customers!

3.     Change Lights during Different Times of Day

When it comes to restaurant lighting, a cookie cutter approach is never the answer! A customer who’s there for breakfast before going to work needs a different set of lighting than someone who’s here on a dinner date.

Use bright lights during the morning gives a refreshing look; something your customers need to start their day. At dinnertime, however, your customers are looking for a relaxing environment after a long day at work. Using dimly lit lights will give them a cozy and comforting feel.

And while we’re talking about mood-dependent lighting, how about you switch to a 2-Circuit track? It provides a second electrical load with separate switching, allowing you to control two different sets of lights.

So what are you waiting for? Use LED accent and ambient lights to create a look that’s bound to attract more customers.

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