3 Ways to Save More Energy—and Money—At Home

3 Ways to Save More Energy—and Money—At Home

The ongoing energy crisis has shifted the focus on adopting “green” technology. Organizations, households, and businesses are increasingly integrating energy-efficient sources in all walks of life.

In today’s modern world, electrical upgrades can make your life a whole lot easier. They are user friendly and can get the job done much faster.

Here are some things you can do to save more energy, as well as money, at home:

1) Adjust Your Day-To-Day Behavior:

This is the simplest solution but requires the most effort. People rely on technology for most of their tasks to make their lives easier. However, most of these activities can be done manually, such as washing the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher for a couple of dirty utensils.

Since heating and cooling utilities tend to consume the highest amount of energy, you can conserve energy by limiting the hours of usage in the winters and summers.

Alternatively, there are electricity usage monitors which can track the amount of electricity being used and pin point appliances which are using most of your electricity on a daily basis.

2) Switch Out Incandescent Light Bulbs:

Traditional bulbs consume a high amount of electricity; it’s time to replace them with their energy-efficient counterparts.

Halogen and LED bulbs are excellent alternatives to traditional bulbs, and although their initial cost is higher, they last longer and consume less energy in the long run. These bulbs use 25%- 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last 3- 25 times longer.

We offer LED lighting solutions and recommendations in Katy, TX, to optimize your space for low energy consumption.

3) Hello Smart Power Strips:

Vampire loads or Phantom loading refers to power being drawn by electrical devices when they are not in use but on standby. This means that your device is consuming electricity even if it isn’t turned on, which can result in a high utility bill and waste electricity.

A good alternative is the novel power strip, called smart power trips. They can detect when a device is in standby mode, thereby cutting off power and saving energy. This can reduce your overall energy usage drastically, protecting both your wallet and your devices.

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