How LED Lights Can Completely Change The Look Of Your Homes

With the right lighting, anything can look good. Homeowners spend countless hours deciding what architectural design they would like for their living room, or what color scheme to choose for the kitchen, but they tend to ignore the dynamic impact they can create with LED lights.

This energy efficient solution comes in different size, shape, and color and can make your home brighter and cozier, while keeping your energy bills under control.

Key Up The Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of a home, which requires special care and attention.

Visibility and clarity is the primary requirement of the kitchen to make it functional throughout the day. Designers usually categorize kitchen lighting in 3 ways, general (overall lights) task-oriented (focused on a task) and accent lighting (mood lighting).  Install bulbs in focused areas like oven and sink. The beam-spread of the bulb should be high enough to make cutting and chopping easier at night. Make sure your LED solution is flexible and is accessorized with a dimmer. This way, you can control the lighting around the kitchen.

When you have covered the basic illumination requirement of your kitchen, move over to mood lighting. Add bulbs inside or under the cabinet; it enhances the features of your cabinetry and improves your kitchens aesthetic appeal.

Cozy-Up the Living Room

Give this room an approachable and relaxed look with warm-lightings. There are many light-shades in LED lights; choose warm-white bulbs.Create a focal point right above your sitting arrangement by adding an LED chandelier or side lamps.

Give Your Bedroom A Boost

The choice of light in your bedroom is totally dependent on the mood you want to create. Use your room base color as a primary tone for the bedroom’s theme; add accent lights to draw attention to your bedroom décor.

Don’t forget to add a dimmer to your light, so that you can control the intensity to your requirement.

Another way to enhance the look of your room is by adding receding lights in the ceiling. The same lights can be used to light up your closet or vanity mirror.

Bathroom Beams

Make your bathroom luxurious by experimenting with gold or silver lights. Add a beam right over the sink and cabinets.

Transform your bathing area into a spa by adding dim lights under the bath tub. You can even hollow out a wall and fill it with lights, and cover it with a textured glass to create giant-glowing lamp for your bathroom.

Snake The Stairs

Add drama to your home by accessorizing your stairs with LED lights.

An LED strip can be added under the railing or the stairs; this will bring more attention to the stair case and decrease your chances of tripping.

Illuminate The Cove

LED strips can be elegantly used for the purpose of cove lighting.

This will enhance your architectural design and draw attention to the corners of the house. Similarly, LED strips can be used to enhance picture frames and mirrors around the house.

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