How to Get a Power Supply to a Kitchen Island

How to Get a Power Supply to a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is an extra counter that can be used as additional storage space or another surface for prep. It can also serve as a convenient breakfast table.

And like any other part of your kitchen, you want the kitchen island to have access to the grid to increase its functionality. However, connecting it to the main power supply through the floor and the walls might not be as easy as you’d think.

A kitchen island is a focal point. Adding sockets and power outlets to it will increase its functionality and make it more efficient, yes, but it may also mar its appearance.

Electricians often suggest that you run wiring through the floor, but this might not always be applicable, especially if your floor is made of concrete.

The following are some option for a more functional kitchen island:

USB Outlets

A USB power outlet will enable you to conveniently charge your devices on your kitchen island. You can choose from a range of USB outlets, including those that will sit flush with its design. You can also use a pop-out outlet to increase functionality without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the island.

Recessed Outlets

Recessed outlets are exactly what they sound like. They’re buried deeper into the island than a regular outlet would be. This means they won’t protrude out of the wall, giving your kitchen island a seamless look.

Pop-up Outlets

You will only see pop-out outlets when you need them; otherwise, it’ll be like they don’t even exist.

Pop-out outlets are known for keeping a low profile on the island countertop. You’ll only have to push on the outlet to gain access to the socket.

Under The Floor

You can also provide power to your kitchen island through the floor given that you can uproot parts of it to run a wire through it.

You could install a junction box somewhere in the kitchen and attach a wire to the outlet on the kitchen table. The goal is to keep the wire between the junction box and the socket hidden.

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